You are currently viewing 5 reasons why you need to consult a Real Estate Broker when purchasing or dealing with real estate?

5 reasons why you need to consult a Real Estate Broker when purchasing or dealing with real estate?

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Many persons wonder why they need a licensed Real Estate Broker to handle their real estate needs. Most people rely on unsolicited advice, grapevine communication and sometimes referral from a distant friend that would most likely result in a real estate disaster. Below are my two cents on the matter. I hope I can help you find your first or next real estate deal.

First, the law penalizes colorum real estate service professionals who are not licensed under the law. Colorum real estate salespersons are so rampant these days that you can compare them to the colorum PUJs, PUVs and buses plying our streets. There are so many tragic stories of buyers that are duped by the nefarious colorum salespersons in investing their hard earned money on the promises of on a fraudulent real estate deal. In line with this, a real estate transaction must only be handled by a real estate service professional..

Second, Real Estate Brokers are mandated by law to adhere to the highest standard when dealing with clients in real estate matters since before a license is given a bond before the HLURB (Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board) and PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) must be issued.

Third, Real Estate Brokers knows the real estate industry’s trends, reputable developers, rights of clients, property laws, tax laws, financing, and persons who can help you buy, sell and rent your real estate.

Fourth, Real Estate Brokers can help, suggest and advise you on how to deal, manage and handle your real estate needs.The world of real estate is filled with surprises and challenges from gathering all the required documents, approval of bank financing and property management which can really be taxing to a novice buyer or investor. REBs can make your real estate venture easier and convenient like a rainmaker in the middle of the desert.

Fifth, Real Estate Brokers can ease your burden in the tedious, taxing and nerve wracking process of Real Estate purchase, titling, lease, tax payments and property management. There are so many branches of real estate that any ordinary person be overwhelmed from residential to commercial, agricultural to industrial and the subclasses of each. A newbie investor without the support of a well to do Real Estate Broker is like a ship without a compass traversing the oceans of the world. The services of a Real Estate Broker is paramount in every real estate transaction to achieve success in the changing world of Real Estate.