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KubeBond Diamond 9H Nano-ceramic coating is the revolutionary product that creates a superior protective layer to keep auto surfaces strong and shiny, just like a diamond.

Thanks to the CHOOSE NanoTech supporting the high-performance coating technology, with #RBT & #LCT technic, we create a real thickness protection layer and excellent bonding feature to let the coating provides at least 5 years protection.–

⭕ Hardness above 9H

⭕ Permanent Bond

⭕ Super Hydrophobic

⭕ Anti-Graffiti

⭕ Advanced Chemical Resistance

⭕ Oxidation and Corrosion Resistant

⭕ Temperature resistance

⭕ UV protection

⭕ Retains color

⭕ High Glossy Shine

⭕ Self Cleaning Effect–KubeBond Nano Ceramic Coating is a line of products from CHOOSE NanoTech. Born in semi-conductor, designed for professional auto detailing.CHOOSE NANOTECH (Manufacturer of Kube Bond)As a genuine manufacturer, we expect ourselves to be a responsible, trustworthy company.

Every product is a promise to our customer’s expectations. CHOOSE NanoTech certificated sticker not only means the surface under CHOOSE NanoTech protection but also indicates our responsibility for your trust.We believe that the finish of the installation is just a beginning to the promise.

CHOOSE NanoTech will keep dedicating to offer the best product and service to

⭕ Tested & Certified by SGS

⭕ ISO Certified

⭕ REACH Compliance


⭕ 1008 hrs of salt spray test

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