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Why invest in Davao?

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A shared value enjoyed by its inhabitants, Davao. Davao has been making headlines not only in The Philippines but also throughout the world especially the rest of Asia. It has been a common knowledge that the leader of the once Pearl of the Orient hails from the bosom of Davao’s Best. Once called the Murder Capital of Asia during the turbulent times of communist uprising in the 1980’s but now called the “New Frontier in ASEAN”. Through the leadership of Mayor RRD now PRRD and the discipline of ordinary davaoenos, Davao City transformed from a gangster’s paradise to “A rising tiger in East Asia”. From banking to retail, Real Estate to BPOs, Agricultural to Industrial, Manufacturing to Shipping, Davao has become the economic hub not only in Mindanao but also in the East-ASEAN Growth Area. The recognition and citation of Davao includes but not limited to: (1) One of the most livable cities in Asia, (2) CLEANEST AND GREENEST HIGHLY-URBANIZED CITY IN THE PHILIPPINES, (3) Most Competitive City to do business in the Philippines, (4) Hall of Fame Best Peace and Order, (5) Top Tourist Destination in the Philippines (6) Best Promising Cities in Asia and so forth. Clearly, what makes Davao great lies not in the leaders running it but by the people who proudly call themselves Davaoenos.

Davao Region has been enjoying an average 7% Year on Year GRDP compared to the national average of 5%-6.5% GDP growth. Also, the government’s thrust in Infrastructure spending and large scale private investment foreign and local make it one of the Top 5 competitive cities in the Philippines. Moreover, the first Central 911 system in Asia outside the United States and Canada is found in Davao City making the access to healthcare convenient for everyone. Furthermore, the Davao-Gensan-Bitung route for the realization of BIMP-EAGA partnership has been forged to bolster the economy and secure jobs for its citizens. As of January 2017, 25 condominium projects has been launched equivalent to more than 12,000 units deliverable and delivered. Truly, Life is Here!